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Case Studies

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Gold Mine Blast 1

This video shows a side-by-side blast comparison in the same ore consistency. You clearly see the difference in blast containment between the Varistem and the non-plugged blasts. The Varistem provided blast confinement resulting in better ore fragmentation, greater crusher throughput, reduced milling time, and blast control (less fly rock, noise and dust).
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Gold Mine Blast 2

This video demonstrates the Varistem® ‘s ability to confine the blast force inside the ore mass, which allows for greater ore fragmentation and ore milling savings, and less fly rock, noise, and dust.

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Drill Dust as Stemming

In this video, the Varistem®  worked with drill cuttings (dust) as the stemming material. Only three drill holes blew, and the drill book showed excessive ANFO used. This limestone quarry reduced the drill size from 7⅞” (200mm) to 7⅜” (187mm) for a 10% ANFO savings. The improvement in blast containment also allowed them to increase the burden by 5% and the pattern spread by 10% for additional savings in ANFO and drill costs.

Flyrock Case Study Photo


80% decrease in flyrock distance
Cast Case Study Photo

Cast Improvement Coal Overburden

+87% improvement in cast

Iron Ore Fragmentation Case Study Photo

Fragmentation Iron Ore

Reduction fines and oversize
Manganese Fragmentation Case Study Photo

Fragmentation Manganese Ore

+$10M per year in value
Gold Fragmentation Case Study Photo

Fragmentation Gold Ore

Crusher throughput +14%
Iron Ore Waste Direct Cost Savings Case Study Photo

Direct Cost Savings Iron Ore (Waste)

$ 1.45M net savings per annum
Noise and Airblast Case Study Photo

Noise and Airblast

7-10% reduction in noise. 60-77% reduction in airblast.
Loading Rates Thumbnail

Waste Rock Fragmentation

+8% Improvement in Loading Rates
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