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Shipping Policy

  1. Agreed Incoterms apply
  2. Shipping and delivery times are an estimate, provided by our shipping partner UPS. Varistem and UPS will commit to adhering to these time frames as far as possible. The time frame is however subject to conditions during transit (sea, customs, road etc.) circumstances or any unforeseen conditions. Varistem cannot be held accountable/liable for any cost incurred due to a delay in activities on the end user/buyer’s side as a result of the delay in delivery.
  3. Any additional charges incurred due to a delay in shipping, storage, clearance or customs operations as a result of delay from the end user/buyer, will be for the account of the end user/buyer
  4. Any other charges (e.g. Customs examination, storage, etc), which may occur beyond our control, will be charged to the end user/buyer.
  5. The end user/buyer assumes ownership risk upon signing of a POD (Proof of Delivery). It will be assumed that only authorized personnel will be able to sign off on POD’s.
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