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Returns And Refunds Policy

  1. Any short/incorrect deliveries are to be identified upon delivery in writing on the signed POD and brought to Varistem’s attention in writing to info@ergindustrial.com within 72 hours from delivery.
  2. For any undelivered/missing orders, Varistem will replace and re-ship the order to the customer/end-user at no cost to the customer/end-user. Undelivered/missing orders need to be brought to Varistem’s attention in writing at info@ergindustrial.com
  3. It is the responsibility of the buyer to select the correct size Varistem stemming plug for the intended application. No refunds will be provided in the case of the end-user/customer selecting the incorrect size plug for the application. However, in this scenario, the end-user/customer can request from Varistem to exchange the order for another size plug of equivalent total monetary value. Any additional shipping costs for potential returns will be the responsibility of the customer/end-user.
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