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Flyrock Reduction at Coal Mine Using Varistem® Stemming Plugs

Flyrock Case Study Photo

Varistem® Stemming Plugs Trial Summary Introduction Flyrock is a significant safety and environmental concern in coal mining, particularly when blasting occurs near inhabited areas. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Varistem® stemming plugs in reducing flyrock at Coal Mine X. The trial was conducted near a neighboring farm within a 500m blast radius, […]

Improving Iron Ore Fragmentation With Varistem

Iron Ore Fragmentation Case Study Photo

Varistem® Blast Stemming Plugs Trials Iron ore fragmentation plays a crucial role in the efficiency of mining operations, directly impacting the performance of processing plants. The following study focuses on the improvement of particle size distribution (PSD) through the use of Varistem® blast stemming plugs in iron ore mines. By conducting comprehensive trials and comparing […]

Improving Fragmentation And Loading Rates Through Better Blasting With Varistem®


The intent of the trial was to demonstrate the energy retention capabilities of the Varistem® blast stemming plugs through conducting a split blast on a production waste bench at a manganese mine in South Africa. The main results considered were to determine the difference in blast energy retention when using Varistem® with drill chippings as […]

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