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The VARISTEM® keeps blast energy inside the rock, which greatly reduces the amount of force ejected from the blast hole -- and in turn, greatly reducing the amount of fly-rock.

Decreased Fly Rock
The dangers of fly-rock[1] are well known. And in many locations, the level of fly-rock is strictly regulated by local & federal laws. Effective blast emission management should be of critical importance to all operations that are exposed to the hazards of uncontrolled fly-rock.

Proper stemming is crucially important for mitigating fly-rock risks. The VARISTEM can assist you in your risk management by helping retain the blast force within the rock, thereby helping to minimize the amount of material ejected out of the blast hole. The VARISTEM will help reduce fly rock and shorten stemming heights, however it is still important that each mine/quarry tests its acceptable use in their own particular environment if fly rock is a concern.

In addition to these important safety & regulatory concerns, there are some other practical benefits as well. The reduction in fly-rock can potentially allow for blasting in areas which had previously been off-limits due to community concerns. For more information about this potential benefit, see our study of Flyrock Near Community Areas