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VARISTEM® plugs increase blast-force retention times by 2x to 4x times. The blast force which is contained by the VARISTEM is conserved and directed into the rock, greatly increasing the level of fragmentation.

Increased Fragmentation
Quarries, contractors and blasters could potentially eliminate, or at least reduce, the volume and expense of crushed stone stemming, allowing them to use less expensive drill cuttings for stemming. A Year-Long Study showed a 13.5% increase in crusher output over the 12 months period that the VARISTEM® was used.

There are many secondary cost savings which result from increased fragmentation --- easier rock removal, less secondary breakage costs, increased truck capacity, less wear on crushing and grinding equipment --- All of which contribute to the cost benefit of using the VARISTEM, and which will make the VARISTEM pay for itself many times over.