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VARISTEM blasting supplies are shipped worldwide to the following countries: Antarctica, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Dominican Republic, England, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Iceland, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain and Sweden, Thailand, etc.

We offer very attractive export pricing, as well as directing you to a distributor near you. Should there not be a distributor in your area, even with freight / duty charges, VARISTEM will prove to be one of your best investments due to the substantial downstream cost savings that result from using our blasting plugs.

Click on our “Contact Us” link, and provide us with all pertinent data so that we can provide you with samples and pricing for our blasting products.

Exporting stemming plugs around the world
Listed below are product testimonials from some of our international customers.

VARISTEM -- Export - дилер

Using VARISTEM Plugs we have a more controlled blast with no flyrock and less air blast. Using VARISTEM we increased our drilling pattern with very good fragmentation and reduced our drilling costs.
-- Dominican Republic Blasting & Drilling Contractor

The VARISTEM Plugs are working very well and quite a few of the quarry owner's have requested we use them again in their quarry.
-- Ireland Blasting Contractor

Before using VARISTEM, each hole was charged high to try to break up the cap rock, and on some occasions the emulsion/ANFO mix would gas up to high. Now that we are using VARISTEM, we are achieving good fragmentation of a 5 foot thick cap rock layer using the BP-3.5 plug in a 90mm borehole. With VARISTEM, the explosives can be left deeper down inside the borehole with an air deck/gap between the explosives and the plug, reducing our explosives costs. Using VARISTEM has also stopped stemming ejection from the borehole.
-- Ireland Limestone Quarry

Testing full shots with the VARISTEM Plugs in a 115mm drill hole, we reduced our stemming height from 3 meters to 2.2 meters. We found increased horizontal throw, indicating blast containment. We also noted no fly rock, and very little oversized in the top of the muck pile.
-- South Africa Limestone Quarry

Keeping the same pattern in 130mm boreholes, we decreased our stemming height from 2.4 meters to 2.2 meters (still controlling fly rock) and increased our emulsion. Fragmentation in the top flitch is much better. Higher rates of digging, plus better wear rates on bucket teeth and reduced crusher maintenance. “Our client has also noted improved fragmentation and increased fines as a result of using VARISTEM.”
-- Ghana Gold Mine Blasting Contractor